Practicing for the Amstel Ice Swim

In preparation of the Amstel Ice Swim we organize a weekly training. Participating at
this training is at your own risk.

Your body will get used to the cold temperatures by doing a weekly training in the ice.
The training will be given by experienced ice swimmers and/or event organizers.
During the training they will share their experience and wisdom about ice swimming
with you.

At the location we have heated dressing rooms and warm showers. So, after a cool
dip we have a nice place to warm up again.

Trainings will be held according to the rules of the IISA and IISA Nederland. This
means that in openwater the usage of a safety bouy is mandatory. We also use the
buddy system: every swimmer has to pair up and keep an eye on each other so that
in the end we can all enjoy a hot beverage.